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Phone shop program for the programmer is an easy pro-
gram to be made when the mind is analytical, but the writer
as the programmer who wants to try to run it pretty hard
and dicult to run like the workings of telephone as usual.
The author as a novice trying to use a visual basic appli-
cation using the application program when the author can
easily and quickly learn, especially in the manufacture of
telephone kiosk applications that the author wants to con-
vey to the reader. It is hoped this application can help
writers to understand the ways of Visual Basic create an
employment application kiosks both in terms of preparation
time, date, start time, end time, duration and cost of which
will be made??. Telecommunication applications where the
program itself is a program that helps the reader under-
stand and can make a telephone kiosk application which
will be continued again to create the desired telephone kiosk
reader. It is important to remember that the application
itself is very involved in the manufacture of kiosks so that
the two are highly interdependent in the process of making
shops that authors would also like to continue to manufac-
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