Website Development Catalog Sawangan Housing Village With Macromedia 8

Wahyudi Satria


The houses that want to be marketed to
attract consumers, carried out in various ways such as
by installing Brochures, Banners and ads in various print
and electronic media and so on. Marketing techniques
that have been mentioned above has long been done by
developers, but there are still a little short because the
mediator is used is very limited, so the information that
was delivered was limited as well. To complete lack of
marketing techniques, the authors have an idea that it
would be nice if every developer to provide an information
system in the form of a computer or on your website which
contains information on homes that will be marketed. This
idea is also the author later made ??as a way of marketing
through computer media, namely: "Making Housing
Website Catalog Sawangan Village With Macromedia
Dreamweaver 8". Making Housing Catalog this Website
will be implemented in each marketing branch oces or
stand on a particular event so that consumers who come
can immediately get information about the house house
oered with specications that are always up to date so as
to attract customers. Penamaan File: 33102178

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