Making Asymetrik Multimedia Toolbook II Applications WITH Instructor 5.0 To Standardize Equipment Mountain Climbing

Rifa Adi Purnomo


Multimedia is a new application form
for the depiction of computer programs that use and
connect more than one medium, wherein picture elements,
text, animation, and other elements, which are connected
in one media to be stored, processed and presented. To
create a multimedia application required a minimum of
two elements, in accordance with the meaning of the word
multimedia. Mountain Climbing Equipment Standardiza-
tion using Asymetrix Multimedia Toolbook Applications
II 5.0 which delivery is made through a combination of
function with the design of the book Multimedia Applica-
tions. Where the purpose of this application is to provide
information to the people who like mountain climbing, and
provides a basic introduction about Asymetrix Multimedia
Toolbook II 5.0. Penamaan File: 32199320

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