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this test using two dierent processor is an Intel pentium-4
and Processor AMD Sempron 2600 +, which will be com-
pared in terms of speed performance in executing multiple
instructions provided by the software in testing. To deter-
mine the ratio between these two processors using 4 pieces
of software that is 3DMark 2003 which serves to determine
the test results by executing instructions in a 3D game that
the results are already in the can after over clock of each
processor in 3DMark 2510 is the AMD Sempron processor
and 3D Mark 2512 on an Intel Pentium-4. CPU Z that
serves to determine the value of the parameter core speed
and FSB after each processor over clocked and results in
the can after doing the test system by using this software
is 2280 MHz for the core parameters of the AMD Sempron
processor speed and 3436.5 MHz the core speed of Intel
Pentium-4, and 285.0 MHz for the FSB of the AMD Sem-
pron processor and FSB value of 190.9 MHz Intel Pentium-4
processor. Super Pi which serves to determine the ratio of
how long it takes from each of the 20 pro sesor in execut-
ing the instructions given by the software Super Pi. After
overclocking and testing using this software, it can result
in the 1.28 minutes for the AMD Sempron processor and
1.35 minutes for Intel Penitum-4 in executing 20 instruc-
tions. But the software specically for Prime 95 is only
used to determine the stability of the system after we do
the overclock. By looking at the results in the can after
doing the test system by using three pieces of software, it
can be concluded that the Intel Pentium-4 is still superior
compared to the AMD Sempron processor from executing
instructions in software 20 Super Pi, 3D work instructions
on the software 3DMark 2003 and up to the value of core
speed. Penamaan File: 40104988

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