Hasanudin Hasanudin


The tool has been created
lots that can be controlled on a PC computer via the paral-
lel port. In making this lottery tool consists of three main
parts, namely software, Parallel Port Interface and hard-
ware (circuit). The series that created a prototype and
could be developed into better form. The program used
to control the circuit is created by using Visual Basic 6
programming language. Through this program the tool is
controlled by providing input in the form of program code,
then input is transmitted through the parallel port and for-
warded kerangkaian viewer. Circuit or hardware necessary
to display the output, which consists of a decoder 74LS247
ICs, resistors and 7'segment as viewer numbers. From the
results of research by studying the theories from various
sources and analysis directly to the workings of such lots as
a tool, it can be concluded that the hardware (circuit) here
serves purely as a viewer, while fully controlling the pro-
grams that we run through the software application, then
transmitted by the parallel port to the circuit. Output gen-
erated random numbers with a hundred possibilities, from
0 s / d 99. Penamaan File: 40104772

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