QUICK BUTTON RIGHT BASED microcontroller AT89C2051

Andri Yansah


Nowadays a lot of game shows encountered in
the world of entertainment, especially on television chan-
nels, where the participants are required to compete hand
speed in answering all the questions asked by the announcer.
Ways such as raising hands by the participants considered
ineective because it can confuse the host in determining
who should answer the question rst. From the picture
the writer got the idea to design tools keystrokes as a re-
sponse to the speed in answering questions. This circuit uses
the AT89C2051 microcontroller circuit controlling the work
process, in which given an Assembler language program.
Assembler language program is compiled using ASM5 an
application which is then downloaded into the microcon-
troller. Through this program the tool interface is con-
trolled by three buttons press the input switch and three
LED indicators display as a representation of the button is
pressed, accompanied by a buzzer sound as an indicator of
the LED display is lit. The workings of this tool is if one
of the three-button switch is pressed, the LED associated
with the button will light up, while the other buttons will
not respond to Led display. The circuit is also accompanied
by a switch press three buttons, two buttons serves to reset
the microcontroller program can be input to the next and
one function button again to power on / o as a marker
that the circuit is ready to run. Penamaan File: 40104195

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