LIGHT Sein VARIATIONS BASED AT89C2051 Microcontroller

Achmad Fadholi


Technological development
is not separated from the development of computer tech-
nology as a tool to support even the driving advances
in information technology at this time. Turn signal on
vehicles are often ignored, sometimes a lot of people who
do not care when they wanted to turn the turn signal,
causing a very serious risk, for example an accident. For
that, on making a series of lights Sein Control System In
Vehicle Based AT89C2051 aims to study the workings of
Sein Lamp Control System In Vehicle Based AT89C205 1
and can produce output with the variation that we desire
in accordance with the program that we created and also
the author hope this tool can be used in the best - good by
any motorized vehicle user Penamaan File: 40104011

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