Andy Martanto


Along with techno-
logical developments, the developments in the eld of elec-
tronics is growing by leaps and bounds. It is characterized
by showed wide range of electronic equipment products are
used for various applications such as household appliances,
sound system, tv, computers and other .In the series "Tool
counters with infrared sensors" that the author made a se-
ries of applications used to counter the number of products
that have been completed in an industry without the need
to calculate manually, the products have been completed
will be placed on the board walk and through the infra red
sensor. This tool will automatically calculate the number
of active and products that have passed through the sensor.
Infra red sensor and a receiver mounted at the opposite end
of the completion (nishing). This tool is the tool calculate
the one-way if there is an object that passes the light from
infra-red sensor which received phototransistor blocked so
that it will drive a relay that functions as a switch, the
output will be active and seven segment shows the number
input. In the series "Tool counters with infrared sensors"
that are made there are two seven segment that will display
the input rate of 00 to the last digit 99. Penamaan File:

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