Ron Heriaman


Have you ever seen a motor vehicle with lights

ashed when he suddenly stopped?. Have you ever seen
lights are lit suburban and alternately back and forth? Yes,
the more visible artistic and interesting is not it! Move-
ment patterns of lights can be adjusted to user preferences.
"Alternating-Back Brakes Lights" this was also a circuit
that has the form and function similar to the above tools.
Author's interest to prepare and make this tool is based
on the importance of this tool in avoiding and reducing ac-
cidents, and lets add spirit of order on the road. It uses
an IC series AT89C5 one that has been lled to assembly
program that is used to control and move the lamp (LED),
so the lights will light up according to the pattern and the
desired time. As for the appearance of the LED are 8 units.
This LED will light up the move to the left, to right and
then the opposite direction and blinking. This circuit will
light up when we stepped on or hit the brakes on motor
vehicles, thus the emphasis on it, produced an input which
is then moved or turned on the light output. From the de-
scription above, it can be concluded that the function of
this circuit is to enhance or create a tool to become more
attractive with light ornaments. In addition, this circuit
can also clarify if we suddenly stop, so there is no driving
accidents or in other words, minimizing the risk of accidents
on the road.

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