Muhammad Ali


RATA is one of the companies in Indonesia. In carrying out
the work needs to be supported by adequate infrastructure.
To help ease the work activities in this company computers
are used in various elds of work. In carrying out a job,
the employee or employees often send and receive data
from an employee or other employees. To submit data
or message, sometimes requiring intermediaries to deliver
it. In conveying a message or data, it can be through
a trustworthy person, but in this way messages or data
sent is not necessarily fully accepted by the person in
question correctly. In this way the cost was relatively
large also issued and takes a long time. In this paper
emphasis on the LAN Network Topology, network archi-
tecture Discusses Local Area Network (LAN), hardware
and software computer networking, network Maintenance
Local Area Network (LAN) at PT. RASEUKI BERATA
LAN network in PT. RASEUKI BERATA. Use as a star
topology network conguration, and on any PC located
in each room connected to a switching hub to the room
using a terminal that is available in every room and then
connected to the server using UTP cable as transmission
media with maximum speed of 100 Mbps. in general in
every room has the same architecture, only the terminals
are distinguished in every room. LAN network with star
topology conguration using UTP cable selected for instal-
lation is quite easy and minimal breakdown. Conguration
is applied to the PT.RASEUKI BERATA.

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