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Development of computers lately been
growing rapidly. Computers that used to be large, so now
the physical size is getting smaller, but has a very high per-
formance. Years gradually people start using a computer
that is currently known as the Personal Computer (PC).
Personal Computer origin used by each person and stand
alone. These computers are not connected to each other.
But people think that the processing of data stand alone in
the sense of a very slow and inecient. For PC, load the
application program must be in each PC, and the process
should move the PC. Then arose the idea to combine some
of the PC into a network system, in which each PC can ac-
cess data from another user on another PC anyway without
having to walk into another room. From this idea arose the
concept of networks known as Local Area Network (LAN),
the basic idea is the use of resources together (resource shar-
ing). Development of the LAN can use share data and share
printers. Can be seen from the test and analysis applica-
tions that share the printer with a LAN is cheaper, speed
up the work with a high level eciently.

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