Viewer Using Digital Clock and Stopwatch AT89S51

Danny Nugraha Robby


In scientic writing will be discussed
regarding the design of "stopwatch viewer and digital clock
using AT89S51 ", which is designed to display the stopwatch
and digital clock. Microcontroller is a single-chip computer
that has the ability to be programmed and used for control-
oriented tasks. Minimal space control is makes the micro-
controller more eective than with a PC computer, because
the microcontroller has the same architecture with a PC
computer. With a 4 port 8 bits as input / output. From
the results of experiments performed, the viewer tool stop-
watch and clock with digital display using microcontroller
AT89S5 1 may work as expected. When the key switch 1 is
pressed then the stopwatch will start chopping, and when
the button is pressed the reset switch and a mode at the
same time it will go well designed with 8 seven segment that
will display the output of the stopwatch and digital clock.

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