Mahmud Ibrahim Siregar


In laser
printing is the main component of a system called a
photoreceptor, generally shaped like a cylinder or drum
contained in a cartridge that is moving around. Cylindrical
tube is made of high strength photoconductive materials
that release its strength. When the cylinder begins to move
on a laser printer, there is a small laser beam along the
surface to release some of the particles that make up the
letters written or drawn on the paper surface as a pattern
that forms an electrostatic image. At the same time, it
releases a cylindrical tube layer of toner powder, black
powder is very ne on paper. Ink toner powder actuated
electrically mixture consisting of two main pigments and
plastics drawn by the paper to stick. To conserve paper
and toner dipnaskan using the fuser, then released to the
standard output. Penamaan File: 41102876

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