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With the growing age and the rapid advance-
ment of technology, employers increasingly competitive in
competing to achieve high prots. Utilization of Informa-
tion Technology (IT) is needed to improve the productiv-
ity and eectiveness of the company. Most businesses rely
on their IT systems. With the advent of the PC (Personal
Computer) as the latest innovation from IT, information de-
livery is becoming increasingly easy. To convey information
to other colleagues through the PC, the network is required.
To connect multiple PCs with the aim of improving the pro-
ductivity of the workgroup, was born a LAN (Local Area
Network). Due to the ever increasing needs of the time, the
LAN was developed so that its use more practical by not
using a cable longer or called WLAN (Wireless Local Area
Network). The main advantage in the use of WLAN can be
seen on the transmission media, which use infrared or radio
frequency, so that the installation is more practical. From
the LAN and WLAN can be known comparisons, such as
advantages and disadvantages, its speed, its instalisasi, and
so forth. Penamaan File: 41100696

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