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At rst develops
computer, a computer can only perform its function sepa-
rately without relation to each other. But today the com-
puter is no longer perform its functions independently. But
may relate to one another by an innite distance. With the
rapid development of Internet, can have a positive impact
for us as a provider of information and communication ser-
vices, in addition to the Internet also can provide a negative
impact as well as a threat to users. So that our network to
the Internet should be restricted with a barrier known as
a rewall. A rewall is a way or well dened mechanism
of the hardware, software or the system itself in order to
protect, either by ltering, limiting, or even reject some or
even a relationship / activities of a segment on a private
network with external networks that are not in scope . The
trick is to perform monitoring / her network monitoring
more closely. One of them with his remote network using
the Bluecoat. Penamaan File: 40106356

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