Andri Susilo


Many people will try to
anticipate the occurrence of theft, but it is dicult to know
if a burglar enters the house. By using a microcontroller-
based home security alarms AT89S52, the thieves who come
into the house can be detected. This tool uses four sensors
and infrared photodioda ie, where the sensor is installed
in the four-door, so that can know where the location of
the thief enters the house, whether the door of one, two,
three, four. And the tool uses the output of display (sevent
segment) and sound (buzzer). Mikrokontoller on this
instrument using AT89S52 IC, ie the output Atmel with 4
K bytes Flash PEROM (Erasable and Programmable Read
Only), AT89S52 is a nonvolatile memory technology with
memory, the memory contents can be relled or removed
many - times. IC microcontroller will be active and run
the program, if the input at port 3 in the form of active
low, after the IC microcontroller to get the data input the
microcontroller will activate a program that is in the IC.
This program will compare the input with the existing data
in the IC, if the conditions are the same as the input data
the program will continue to display the display of binary
combinations which, if seen on seven segment will form a
number and activates the buzzer to sound continues. If
the input conditions are not the same as that in comparing
data, the program will repeat again and again to compare
with the corresponding data. Penamaan File: 40104193

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