Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi)

Desmon Natanael Hutagalung


The purpose of this paper is to
provide a complete analysis of the use of network technol-
ogy Wi-Fi network in which technology is advancing with
increasing speed but the data provided greater data rates is
also not sucient because there are other users who want
the mobility. Mobility gives the user is not tied to place.
Both of the above requirements can be met through a sys-
tem of wireless networking or wireless networking system
that continues to evolve in a technology sector, which aims
to facilitate users to use Internet services without having
to use extension cords, where Wi-Fi is growing like a tech-
nology that has the privilege data transfer speeds by using
802.11 radio standard that works on radio frequency spec-
trum is the 2.4 GHz frequency activity that aims to move
inventory more quickly, increasing customer satisfaction to
maintain the integrity and condentiality, protecting the
valuable information, the balance of cost, and considering
the factor people. Penamaan File: 40102850

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