Mini Amplier LM 386 For Voice Ampliers

Andry Yana


Scientic writing is in-
tended for application of electronic devices where the de-
vice could be used as a means of supporting a sound sys-
tem, with the output or Out-Put greater than the previous
amplier, ie the amplier front as input. This tool can use
audio signals that are higher than the previous audio sig-
nal. This tool is supported by an active component, which
component is the IC LM 386 is a major component whose
function is as an audio signal amplier from the input. The
data Shet-pin of the IC LM 386 is pin 1 and pin 8 is a func-
tion as a reinforcement, pins 3 and 2 as input, pin 6 to get
a positive voltage from a power, pin 5 as output. From the
test results can be concluded that the tool consists of an ac-
tive component of IC LM 386 is able to make an amplier
sound can be heard by human ear, which was previously
an amplier front is not good enough to listen to his voice.
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