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trophic forest res in recent years often occurs. The im-
pact of forest res and land the most prominent is the oc-
currence of smog that is very disturbing public health and
river transportation systems, land, sea, and air. Therefore
we need tools that can detect forest res at a fairly broad,
so that ocers can quickly make the handling of the re
and the re will not spread. The input device is a tempera-
ture that will be detected by the LM35 temperature sensor,
then the output voltage of the sensor is processed by a mi-
crocontroller ATMEGA8535. Output is used to re a Led
indicator and buzzer and LCD viewer. If there are extreme
dierences in temperature sensor on one of the indicators
for these sensors will provide the sign. Each sensor has each
of the indicators that will tell where the sensors are extreme
temperature changes on the surface. This tool is expected
to minimize the spread of forest res and forest res can be
solved quickly and precisely.

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