Distance detector

Wiwok Pandu Wiseso


Scientic writing is in-
tended to help motorists in particular motorist parked his
vehicle, where the tool is very useful when running back-
wards when the car into the garage or parking place which
narrowly assuming no valet who helped. Preparation of Sci-
entic Writing is implemented in April 2006 to July 2006
on the campus of the University Gunadarma. Where these
tools using ultrasonic wave sensor that will be used to detect
the distance between transmitter and receiver. This sensor
has two parts: (1). Transmitter (transmitter). Transmitter
uses a 1455 IC timer as a pulse generator which is then con-
verted into ultrasonic waves by a piezoelectric component.
(2). Receiver (Receiver). The receiver also uses piezoelec-
tric components as a receiver, in this section consists of sev-
eral series is 2 pieces amplier circuit 2 levels using bipolar
transistors (9014), ultrasonic wave detector circuit uses two
diodes (1N4148) and a relay driver circuit. From the test
results can be concluded that the tool consists of ultrasonic
sensors are connected to the load of the buzzer is very ef-
fective for detecting the distance between transmitter and

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