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Key tool for designing digital electric
light switch is a device to lock the lamp so that everyone
can not turn it on, the circuit is quite simple just by using
2 pieces of IC with 14 leg IC, IC used is CMOS IC Cmos
Ic 4066 and 4012. In the design of a digital key tool for the
electric light switch, the writer uses only a light output of
5 watts with a voltage of 220V, the circuit design of digital
key tool for the electric light switch is also using the AC
relay. Where this circuit has a rather unique way by press-
ing certain digits we can turn on or turn o the lamp. This
circuit can also be called as a switch, turning on or turning
o the lights, it's just that this circuit uses certain numbers
that was set via dip switches that we want. This tool can
also turn on or turn o the lights with more than one way
to parallelize some of the lights that we want. Mempara-
lelkannya way that is at ground connected to the ground
while the other one is connected together like the lamp of
the rst experiment, so that every time we want to turn
on the lights that have been parallelized no lights or alter-
nately one but of all the lights that have been connected in
parallel will light up.

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