Time Measurement System Using Sensor-Based Microcontroller AT89C51 LDR

Ziaul Chak


Electronic equipment has
become an inseparable part of human life. Various human
activities that had been dicult or impossible, has now
become easy by the presence of electronic devices. Just
imagine if the world there is no electricity, how dicult
our lives. Today, a variety of electronics-based innovations
that have been found and developed. Starting from the
radio, a simple calculating machines, to sophisticated
computer. However, basically sophisticated electronic
devices could not be separated from the basic components
as a constituent. Although that will be discussed in this
book is just a simple electronic device, but we also need
to know and understand the basic components. "The
system of time measurement using LDR sensor-based
Microcontroller A T89C51"is a tool created to be able to
measure the time needed to cover the distance from one
point to another by placing each sensor as a detector to
the points to be measured. In the tool will be designed
consists of 2 pieces of sensor circuits each consisting of
a transmitter and receiver, while the central controller /
controller Microcontroller AT89C5 a tool used for display
and use the LCD screen.

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