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The MOTIVATION of LEARNING on a TEENAGER who BROKEN HOME by: Nanang Dwi Anggraeni goddess Supervising: Anugriaty Beautiful Asmarany., s. Psi, m. Si ABSTRACT Families constitute a small group within the community. Broken home is defined with the condition of families which are not harmonized and does not run like a family who get along well, peaceful, and prosperous because of frequent commotion as well as disputes which led to a quarrel and ended in divorce. Motivation to learn is one of the internal factors that have an important role in a person's learning activities. There are factors that affect the motivation of learning i.e. internal factors and external factors. This research aims to find out the description of learning motivation in teens who broken home and the factors that led to the emergence of the learning motivation in teens who broken home. The methods used in this research is qualitative research takes the form of case studies.

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