Emotional Intelligence On Street Children

Nelly Deborah Siahaan


Emotional Intelligence On StreetChildren Emotional intelligence is a form of individual suc-cess when the individual is able to motivate himself, re-mained a problem, and the ability to think and empathize.However, to establish good emotional intelligence is noteasy, especially for street children, because in fact the childwas in precisely the way they deal with a condition that isdangerous and threatening them such conicts or disputesthat occur between the members of street children who cantrigger aggressive behavior in street children . This studyaims to know the description of emotional intelligence onstreet children and the factors that aect the child's emo-tional intelligence on the street. In this study used qualita-tive research case study type. The method used is a methodof non-participant observation and interviews use the gen-eral approach to the interview. The subject is a young manwith a family who lived apart for three years. Based on theresearch subject has good characteristics such as emotionalintelligence to recognize emotions, managing emotions, mo-tivating ourselves, recognizing emotions in others, as wellas fostering relationships with others. And the factors thataect the subject of emotional intelligence is a belief, curios-ity, faith, self-control, connectedness, communication skills,and cooperative.

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