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Later ideal weight would be the dream of every teenager,causing some of them are always trying from time to timein order to appear attractive and various mass mediaalways highlight the gure of a slim-gul teens. Manyoer slimming drugs, and food and beverage for slimming.It is interesting how the image of self-ecacy assessed inadolescents who diet program. Self-ecacy expectationsof one's own eorts to be able to control situations andcreate the desired results. This is related to the situationfaced by teens who diet program. When a person's higherself-esteem in adolescents will develop a strong personality,reduces stress, is not easily aected by a threatening situ-ation and create the desired results. In the present studythe authors use a person as a subject of study with thecharacteristics of obese adolescents who diet programs overthe age of 22 years with the considerations in adolescence.With the technique of gathering data using observationand interview methods.

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