Resilience in Post-Divorce Single Mother

Dewindra Ayu Kartika


The purpose of this research is conducted to find out the problems faced by the single mother, the picture resiliensi and factors affecting the achievement of resiliensi on single mother after the divorce. In this study the researchers use qualitative approaches the subject in this research are 2 women. The characteristics of the subject, namely the single mother who have experienced divorce with 34 years of age and 43 years and through a divorce for 7 years and 15 years. After the research is done then it can be inferred that the second subject is having issues such as economic, practical, family, sexual, and social housing. In addition the second subject has the ability resiliensi viewed from the insight, independence, relations, initiative, creativity, humor and morality. Both of these subjects also have the factors affecting the achievement of resiliensi i.e. the factors I Have, I Am and I Can.

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