Psychological connection between religiosity WITH WELLBEING IN THE ELDERLY

Septy Indah Maulina


Abstract|Psychological connection between religiosity
Maulina Undergraduate Program, 2011 Gunadarma Uni-
versity Key Words: Psycho-
logical well being, religiosity, Elderly ABSTRACT : At the
time of the elderly occurs changing generally decreased
physical, biological, psychological, and social decline-a de-
cline which may aect the psychological well being elderly.
Several theories explaining the relationship between reli-
giosity to psychological well being, which means it is ideally
if the high religiosity psychological well being too high, how-
ever, in reality, not everyone with a good religiosity has a
good psychological well being as well. This study aims to
test empirically the relationship between religiosity is there
a psychological well being of the elderly. The population
in this study were all older adults residing in the Village
of New Land, North Bogor, amounting to 567 people. The
selected sample was elderly aged 60 years or over who can
write a bac of 60 people. The purposive sampling using
sampling techniques. Validity test is done by calculating the
correlation between scores on each item with total score of
the item using the formula Pearson Product Moment corre-
lation technique. In the reliability testing using Cronbach
Alpha technique. Methods of data analysis was done by
using one-tailed Pearson Bivariate correlation. From the
results of data analysis known psychological well being and
religiosity to test the correlation of 0.914 with a signicance
level of 0.000 (? <0.01), is thus seen a very signicant pos-
itive relationship between religiosity to psychological well
being of the elderly. Penamaan File: 10507221

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