Tony Dwi Prasetyo


Abstract|  Un- dergraduate Program, 2011 Gunadarma University Key Words: Self-esteem, superior and subordinate relationships ABSTRACT : In the modern corporation as at present, no less an employee has a boss who is younger than the employee. Such circumstances can aect self-esteem allows the employee. Circumstances it can make itself into a low price to high or vice versa. The purpose of this study was conducted to know the dignity of An employee older than his boss and the factors that aect self-esteem of a employee older than his boss. In this study researchers used a qualitative research approach in the form of case studies. This study uses interviews with the general guidelines, while the observation method used is a method of systematic obser- vation. The results of this study is that an employee who was older than his superiors, showed a high self-esteem. So even if the employee is older than his boss, the employee is still productive, respectful and belittled by his boss can not feel aged younger than him. Dierent age factor does not guarantee it will aect the dignity of an employee because of age dierences can lead to employees who are usually older in age do not feel appreciated or respected. The factors that aect self-esteem is the upbringing, culture and change, modeling, values??, social comparison, and schools.

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