Aliation and Disclosure Requirement on Adolescent Self Facebook Users

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Abstract|Aliation and Disclosure Requirement
on Adolescent Self Facebook Users Yoseptian Un-
dergraduate Program, 2011 Gunadarma University Key Words: The need for
aliation, self disclosure, Youth, Facebook ABSTRACT :
Humans are social beings that can not be separated from
the presence of others. When someone is in adolescence,
have a need for signicant interpersonal relationships.
This can be called also to the needs of aliated. Need
for aliation is an individual needs to build, establish,
and maintain a relationship with another person. At
present, to establish interpersonal relationships, teenagers
facilitated by social networking sites like facebook. When
using facebook, teens tend to self-disclosure behavior.
Self-disclosure is where a person's behavior reveal personal
information about himself in the form of thoughts, feelings,
and experiences to others. Adolescent self-disclosure is
made ??when using facebook probably due to the needs of
youth aliate, and therefore through this study to prove
whether there is a relationship between need for aliation
with adolescent self-disclosure on facebook user. The
study was a quantitative study with 148 respondents were
teenagers. Analytical techniques used were correlation and
Pearson product moment statisitik descriptive. The results
include a positive relationship exists between the need for
aliation with adolescent self-disclosure on Facebook users
(r = 0514, p <0.01). Then, comparison of the social aspects
of the aliate needs to have the greatest correlation with
self-disclosure behavior in adolescents. In addition it also
found young women have a need for aliation and behavior
of self-disclosure is higher than young men. Self-disclosure
behavior also appears greater in adolescents who most like
to change prole picture. Penamaan File: 10507261

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