Emotional Intelligence and Psychologi- cal Wellbeing in Male Friendly

Ridho Ariono


For minorities, the existence of homosexuals led to
controversy and debate in society. Homosexuals often
face discrimination in various levels, and this certainly
aects their psychological well-being. A good emotional
intelligence needed for the creation of a healthy soul in ho-
mosexuals. This study aims to determine the relationship
of emotional intelligence and psychological wellbeing in
homosexual men. Data obtained through a questionnaire
distributed to tryout methods used in homosexual men
with incidental sampling technique. In this study obtained
53 questionnaires to be analyzed. The data obtained and
analyzed using bivariate correlation with SPSS version
17.00. Based on the data analysis, it is known that the
correlation coecients obtained for 0840 with a signicance
level of 0000 (p <0.01). These results indicate a signicant
relationship between emotional intelligence and psycho-
logical well-being in men homosexual. Subjects in this
study are the criteria for high emotional intelligence and
psychological well-being that high. Seen that homosexuals
are able to adapt in the society, accept who they are,
optimistic in life and also a warm relationship with another

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