Dierences Needs Aliated In High School Students Victims of Bullying Seen From Sex

Mega Ayu Septrina


Violent events that occurred at the school is considered to
lead to bullying, which is a form of aggression, such as cases
of hazing during student orientation (MOS). The impact of
bullying can aect the aliation needs of teenage boys and
girls, namely the male victims tend to have a higher need
for aliation than girls indicated the presence of male vic-
tims who remain in the group who are clearly doing the
bullying, whereas female victims tend to prefer to be alone
when he BULLYING . Goals to be achieved in this study
is to empirically test the dierent needs of high school stu-
dents aliated to the victims of bullying in terms of gender.
The research method used was quantitative. Respondents
in this study were high school students are women and men
aged between 15-17 years old, was in grade eleven (XI), and
became the victim of bullying cases. Based on 188 respon-
dents, researchers have as many as 90 subjects consisting
of 45 students and 45 female students who meet the char-
acteristics of the sample in this study. Based on the data
obtained and tested the validity and reliability tests were
analyzed using the Independent Sample T-test. The analy-
sis showed that the scale of the needs of the 48 items tested
there are 12 aliate valid items with a correlation value be-
tween 0304-0526 with the correlation of reliability for 0809.
Based on the analysis of dierent test Independent Sample
T-test signicance values ??obtained for 0049 (p <0.05) and t
value of -1994. This means that the hypothesis in this study
received, which means there are dierences in the needs of
high school students aliated to the victims of bullying in
terms of gender.

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