Subjective Well Being Relationships with Self- Condence in Women Early adulthood is Not Married

Graciane Dessy Primasani


Marriage is one of the developmental
tasks in early adulthood, which along with the progress of
time getting into decline. This study aims to determine the
relationship between subjective well empirically with con-
dence being at the beginning of adult women who are not
married. Subjective well being is the aective and cognitive
evaluations of life, while condence is the view of individ-
ual positive attitude toward her abilities. The sample in this
study amounted to 41 adult women who have married early.
Sampling was purposive sampling technique. The data ob-
tained and analyzed using Pearson product moment corre-
lation analysis. Methods of data analysis was done by using
one-tailed Person correlation Bivariate The results obtained
are the correlation coecient for 0586 and 0000 the value of
signicance (?> 0.05), which means there is a very signicant
positive relationship between subjective well being with a
woman's condence early adult unmarried.

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