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Psychological violence experienced by the rst wife of
a polygamous cause embarrassment, fear and inhibit
the activity of the rst wife in taking the initiative and
organize their lives. The purpose of this study wanted to
know the description of psychological violence in the rst
polygamous wife, to know the psychological factors in the
rst polygamous wife and psychological reasons that cause
violence in the rst polygamous wife. Methods This study
used a qualitative approach in the form of case studies.
Data collection techniques using a common interview
guidelines and non-participant observation. Characteristics
of the subjects of this study rst polygamous wife and
psychological violence. The results of this study showed
a picture of psychological violence experienced by the
rst wife of polygamy, where a rst wife felt hurt and
the disappointment when polygamy. After her husband's
polygamy the subject is controlled by the activity, if the
subject timed the move should only be out a few hours,
the subject must be obedient to her husband so as not
to get violent form of punishment in the form of a rant.
factors psychological factors experienced in polygamous
households after the subject of rude treatment by her
husband in the form of the word rant as not incompetent
wife, wife not perhatiin children, stupid and useless wife.
But if her husband beat the subject to be rude in speech on
the subject. Subjects did not complain about mistreatment
to the authorities, because the subject tried to maintain
the integrity of the household. Besides, the subject relies
on her husband in the nancial. That's what makes the
subject of maintaining the family even though polygamy

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