Relationship Between Self Ecacy with Burnout In Elementary School Teachers Public (SDN) X in the city of Bogor

Diah Restuning Maharani


he limited
number of teachers in various primary schools in the city of
Bogor, especially those taught by the number of students in
a class exceeds capacity, resulting in an elementary school
teacher experienced burnout. Burnout is a state of fatigue
or frustration caused by the environment or relationship
that failed to get what is expected. But it is not easy to
reduce burnout, it is necessary that individuals with high
self-ecacy to perform all the duties and responsibilities
as a teacher. This study aims to nd out is there a
relationship between self-ecacy with teacher burnout at
State Primary School (SDN) X in the city of Bogor. The
sample in this study were 55 teachers X Elementary School
in the city of Bogor, the male sex and women. Sampling
using sampling techniques Saturated. From the research
results, obtained by the correlation coecient of -0.586
with a signicance level of 0.000 (? <0.01). This means that
there are very signicant negative relationship between
self-ecacy with burnout in teachers' X Elementary School
in the city of Bogor. The higher self-ecacy possessed
by the lower X Elementary School teacher experienced
burnout, and vice versa. P

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