Junior High Students to Conduct Conformity brawl (case study)

Syoal Arief


Student brawls is a form of collective social behavior ofadolescent aberration and aggressive behavior rife in urbanareas that the culprit is now up to junior high school stu-dents. The cause of the ght sometimes not clear. May bedeemed to have become a tradition, sometimes just for re-venge, or any show of force alone. Quite often involves theuse of weapons or rearms (Molotov cocktails) and caus-ing many casualties fall .the purpose of this study was todetermine the reasons why the junior high school studentsdo the ghting, and how the image of student conformityto ght and what factors lead to student conformity to thegroup. The research approach used is qualitative in theform of case studies and the subject of one man, a teenageboy who was 13 years old, who did ght. Based on surveyresults revealed that the factors that inuence the behaviorof ghting the trend, there are two factors, the rst andsecond internal factors external factors, as for the pictureof conformity is the imitation, identication, and internal-ization as well as the factors that inuence conformity isthe alignment, a unanimous vote, the status , common, andcommon commitment.

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