Abstract| Undergraduate Program, 2011 Gunadarma University Key Words: Self-disclosure,Teens, Dating ABSTRACT : This study aims to determinethe self-disclosure in adolescents who are dating with adescriptive approach. Subjects in this study is the lateteens between the ages of 18 to 21 years, with the number100. Researchers used self-disclosure scale which is basedon the dimensions of self-disclosure according to Pearson(1983), the amount of information disclosed, the natureof the positive and negative, within a self-disclosure, thedisclosure itself, and the other person. Data analysis in thisresearch using descriptive statistics that reveal the value ofthe frequency, mean, distribution of the subject, category,standard denition, the normality of the results of thequestionnaire data are processed as supporting discussionabout self-disclosure variables. The results showed thatself-disclosure in this study classied as average. It isknown that female subjects have self-disclosure higher thanthe subject-sex male female .. On the subject of a 21year old have the highest self-disclosure compared withself-disclosure on subjects aged 18, 19, and 20 years. Ofthe subjects with the position as the youngest, had thehighest self-disclosure compared to the subject positionas the oldest, middle, and a single. In addition based onresidence, subjects who lived with his family self-disclosurehas the highest compared with subjects who lived withrelatives, Contract, and boarding. From the time a groupof subjects who courtship courtship between 1-6 monthsold have the highest self-disclosure compared to subjects7-12 months old courtship between 0.13 to 18 months, and19-24 months. As for the frequency that has been thesubject of dating courtship between 3-4 times to have thehighest self-disclosure as compared to subjects courtshipfrequency between 1-2 times, 5-6 times, and more than 6times.

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