Gender identity disorder, commonly known by the termtranseksualisme is one's own mental consciousness aboutsex, about whether he was male or female gender identitywhich is owned by a transsexual is the opposite of sex "im-posed" on him by his physical genital. Male to female trans-sexuals or transvestites known as the transsexual male tomale female, has a body of men's and women's lives. Untilnow the presence of transvestites around us is still not fullyaccepted. Quite often they are treated like human beingslaughable magic, the brunt of - fun, or form - other formsof rejection. In reality denial and anti starch from the com-munity is exactly what all this may trigger the behaviorof the aggressiveness of transvestites. Of exposure above,then the question arises about the factors that can cause aperson to be a transsexual, how the image of the aggres-siveness of a subject, a factor - what factors can lead toaggressiveness and how the development of aggressivenesson the subject. The purpose of this study was to deter-mine any factors that could cause a person to be a trans-sexual, how the image of the aggressiveness of a subject,a factor what factors can lead to aggressiveness and howthe development of aggressiveness on the subject. In thisstudy researchers used a qualitative approach because qual-itative methods appropriate for use on the problems thataims to explore the life of a person or a person's behav-ior in everyday life, using qualitative methods also gained adeep understanding of various social phenomena that occurin the community. The subjects used in this study weretransvestites aged 21 - 40 years, having a job. In this studyresearchers used two subject of data collection techniques inthis study was to use interviews and observations with thesubject and signicant others. In This interview process, toassist the process of data collection, the researcher comesto the interview guides, observation and recording devices.After doing research on the subject and signicant other 1and 2 along with the signicant subject othernya then wegot the result that both of these subjects have the factorsthat cause someone to be transgender, including biologicaland psychosocial factors. Besides these two subjects alsohave factors that can lead to aggression factors such as bi-ological factors, situational factors, environmental factors,social factors and psychological factors in the developmentof aggression but which consists of modeling and learning,only the modeling process which is owned by the two sub-jects are not with the learning process. Both subjects alsohave aggressivebehavior. Although each subject has a behavior forms itsown aggressiveness. Aggressiveness is composed of activedirect physical aggression, physical aggression is not directlyactive, passive direct physical aggression, indirect passivephysical aggression, verbal aggression actively direct, indi-rect verbal active, passive direct verbal aggression, verbalaggression and indirect passive

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