This study aims to determine theemotional intelligence to the vocational students majoringin engineering. In this study, researchers used a descriptiveapproach. Subjects in this study were vocational studentsmajoring in engineering, with a number of research sub-jects by 100 respondents. Data is collected at Patriot SMKmajoring in engineering at the Jakarta area. Researchersused a modied scale of emotional intelligence developedby Ibrahim Gasya (2007), based on the components of emo-tional intelligence that includes recognizing emotions, man-aging emotions, motivating oneself, recognizing emotions inothers and build relationships. Individuals with high emo-tional intelligence will have a strong sense of values ??andbeliefs, have a clear purpose and vision, have the condenceand acceptance of the strengths and weaknesses. Emotionalintelligence can be dened as the ability to control feelingsof self and feelings of others. Emotional intelligence will beformed if there is good cooperation between thoughts andfeelings. By looking at the emotional intelligence of ado-lescents who had expected to nd out more about how todevelop emotional intelligence in everyday life. For the mea-surement of emotional intelligence scale tested the validityand reliability with Cronbach alpha technique. Validity andreliability in this study conducted exploratory manner. Inthe rst run, from the 50 items tested contained 22 itemsthat fall, so there are 28 items that are valid with the valid-ity coecient between 0.300 to 0.537 moves. In the secondrun, of the 28 items tested, there are 3 items that fall, sothere are 25 items that are valid with a coecient of be-tween 0.318 to 0.532 moves. Based on the mean, obtainedby the data subject at the age of 17 years had a high emo-tional intelligence. On the subject of the position as theeldest son, has a high emotional intelligence. In addition ek-trakurikuler based activities, subject to the following activ-ities ektrakurikuler have high emotional intelligence. Whilethe subject of the following activities outside of school orga-nization have high emotional intelligence.

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