Self adjustment of Parents Against the Child A Abusing Polydrugs With Heroin

Tengku Agus Reza


Polydrugs with heroin abuse by children will have an impactnot only to abusing but also to parents, mother. This studyaims to know in depth the problem to be faced, a descrip-tion of the adjustment and the factors that inuence theadjustment of children who abuse their mothers polydrugswith heroin. The method used in this study is qualitative,which uses techniques of data collection by interviewing thegeneral guidelines and non participant observation. The re-sults, in terms of adaptation characteristic, showed subjectstended not to adjust to the conditions of his son who wasabusing heroin polydrugs with today. Interpersonal rela-tionship is quite good even though the subject is reducedto the condition because they interact with children whoabuse polydrugs with heroin. As for the other character-istics are not owned by the subject as an accurate percep-tion of reality, able to cope or deal with stress and anxiety,self-image (self image) are positive and are able to expressfeelings. On the other hand there is the adjustment factorthat strengthens the subject of neighborhood and familysupport, while the adjustment factor that weakens the sub-ject of a lack of condence in religious values ??and less oreven not have the experience or knowledge to handle childabuse polydrugs with heroin.

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