Relationship Between Attitudes Toward Health Trends And Processes Smoking Behavior in Early Adolescents Ever Smoke

Yanis Aryanti


Early adolescence is a tran-
sitional period marked by many changes both physically
and psychologically. Adolescents have a broader meaning
that includes mental maturity, emotional, social and
physical. Early adolescent age range was 12-15 years of
age. At this time teenagers usually like to try new things
and tend to follow the words of their peers like to try
smoking behavior that have implications for health. This
study aims to examine the relationship between attitudes
toward health and trends of the early adolescent smoking
behavior. The research was conducted with the subject of
early adolescents, especially District junior high students
who ever smoked Bekasi 4. The number of study subjects
consisted of 88 students who had never smoked. Attitude to
health is measured through the aspects of attitudes toward
the health aspect. Aspects of cognitive attitude, aective
and conative, Anwar, 1995. While the health aspects
of physical and psychic, Renata, 2010. The tendency of
the process of smoking behavior was measured through
the process of smoking behavior consisting of awareness,
interest, evaluation, trial and adoption. From the results
it was concluded that there was a signicant negative
relationship between attitudes toward health and trends of
the early adolescent smoking behavior, which means that
if a positive attitude towards health, the low propensity of
smoking behavior, whereas if a negative attitude towards
health, the high propensity of smoking behavior . This is
because of a good understanding of adolescents to health
and parenting parents who are instilling the importance of
healthy living.

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