The Relationship Between Loneliness in Al- iates Needs For Late Teens who like Clubbing

Sri Yola Tiska 1


Loneliness can
happen to anyone whether adolescents and adults. Lone-
liness is something to be avoided by every teenager. In
essence, humans are unable to live alone, because humans
are social beings. In adolescents to overcome the loneli-
ness many ways possible. Some teens who have a habit of
clubbing clubbing may perform the activities to be aliated
with their peers to avoid the loneliness. Based on this phe-
nomenon, this study hypothesized that there is a positive
relationship between loneliness with the need for aliation.
In the data analysis known that the correlation coecient
between the lonely to the needs of aliates generate r val-
ues ??for 0206 with a signicant level of 0.034 (p <0.05),
which means there is a positive relationship between lone-
liness with the need for aliation in late adolescence who
enjoy clubbing. This means that the higher levels of loneli-
ness subjects, the higher the level of need for aliation and
conversely the lower the lonely subject it will lower the level
of need for aliation on the subject of research.

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