The relationship between intensity of Facebook use with the Self Disclosure Students in Senior High School 8 Bekasi

Putri Ratna Juwita


This study aims to examine the relationship with
the intensity of Facebook use self-disclosure on the students.
Facebook is a popular site among teenagers. They use up
almost every day. The higher the intensity of Facebook use,
self-disclosure will increase.The population in this study
were high school students State 8, Jakarta. The research
sample consists of 120 people. Sampling technique used
was stratied random sampling.From the analysis of the re-
sults obtained by the instrument as much as 35 item scale
of intensity of use are valid up to the value of the reliability
of 0.882 and 39 item scale of self-disclosure is valid with a
value of 0.884 reliability. Test the correlation between inten-
sity of Facebook use with self-disclosure produces signicant
and positive relationship, r = 0.681, p = 0.00 (p <0.01).This
means that there is a positive relationship between inten-
sity of Facebook use with self-disclosure.Based on the re-
sults of the study, researchers suggested that improving stu-
dents' self-disclosure and better organize the perfect time
to use Facebook. Advice for parents is to control their chil-
dren in using Facebook at home, and help to increase self-
disclosure not only through social networking media but in
a home environment. Advice for teachers is to help students
siswinya to improve not only expressing themselves through
social networking media but also through the activities of
the school and activities outside of school.

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