Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence (EQ??) with a performance at the Nurses Fatmawati General Hospital Center-South Jakarta

Meta Nurita D.S


The research was motivated by the importance
of emotional control for inpatient nurses, especially nurses,
due to diculties encountered in carrying out the work and
its ability to adapt to their place of employment. It allows
the individual will be better able to cope with various prob-
lems that arise during the process leading to the adult so
that they will be better able to cope with the emotional chal-
lenges of modern life is increasingly complex. This study
aims to determine the relationship between emotional intel-
ligence (EQ) with the performance of nurses at the General
Hospital Center-Fatmawati South Jakarta, with research
subjects who used as many as 85 samples. The purpo-
sive sampling using sampling techniques. To measure emo-
tional intelligence using a scale based on the components
of emotional intelligence, while measuring the performance
of nurses using the results of the performance data at the
General Hospital nurses Fatmawati Central-South Jakarta.
The results of the analysis of the validity of the items in
this study to the emotional intelligence scale moves from
0.362 to 0.861 with a reliability of 0.965. As for the relia-
bility of testing the performance of nurses, carried out by
road or by consulting the data in the form of expert judg-
ment. Based on the results of data analysis was done by
using Pearson correlation (1 - tailed) Note that the value of
the coecient of correlation between emotional intelligence
(EQ) with the performance of nurses produced r values ??of
p for 0229 with 0046 (p <0.05). This means that there is a
positive and signicant anatara emotional intelligence (EQ)
with the performance of nurses. The higher level of emo-
tional intelligence (EQ) owned by the subject, the higher
the performance level nurse. Conversely the lower emo-
tional intelligence (EQ) owned the subject it will lower the
performance of caregivers. As for the suggestions based on
the results of this study that the nurses can determine the
success of self so as to improve its performance.

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