The relationship between job enrichment with Adversity Quotient on Employees



At the time of
this highly competitive high value of the diploma is not a
guarantee one's success in the world of work. Not uncom-
mon in the workplace there is a group of employees who
have intellectual intelligence (IQ) high competition by other
employees that IQ is relatively lower but more courage to
face the problem and act. Possibly one of the factors that
aect the adversity quotient. Adversity quotient can be de-
veloped by conducting programs to expand the capacity of
employees to be more eective, one-enrichment program is
a job (job enrichment).The purpose of this study was to
test empirically the relationship between adversity quotient
enrichment work with the employee. The method used was
quantitative method. The subjects taken are employees of
PT. PLN some 85 people. While the data analysis tech-
niques used are from the Person product moment correla-
tion. The data collection in this study using a question-
naire scale enrichment work is made ??by the researcher
and the form of Likert scale, also Adversity Quotient Scale,
adapted from the research questionnaire created by Stoltz
shaped Osgood scale.The results of this study is that there
is a signicant relationship between adversity quotient and
job enrichment for employees. And of the research is well
known that the adversity quotient in the world of work is
also in
uenced by the old work, the longer a person works
will have a good adversity quotient. Another thing that also
aect the adversity quotient is the level of education, where
people who have higher levels of education no (SMA) has a
high adversity quotient compared to having a better level
of education.

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