Harmony Family Relationships With Academic Achievement in High School Students

Ariasti Kusumartiani


Learning is a process performed by the students to achieve
the desired learning outcomes. Individual achievement
of the learning process referred to academic achievement.
Many factors can aect a person's academic achievement.
One factor is the family harmony. Family harmony is the
circumstances in which the families in running their daily
lives in harmony and balance one another. Harmony means
each family member has the attachment relationship be-
tween mothers and fathers, parents with children, children
with siblings. Balanced means each family member is not
just accepted, but also giving and mutual respect among
family members of a family member. This study aims to
test empirically the relationship between family harmony
with academic achievement in high school students. The
sample in this study were high school students KORPRI
Bekasi, class XI, aged 15-17 years. The sampling technique
using Random Sampling. Techniques of data collection us-
ing questionnaires using Likert scales and records of report
cards to measure academic achievement. The results of this
study the validity of the items in the scale of harmony to the
family moves from 0.380 to 0.662, with a reliability of 0.892.
Based on data analysis using Product Moment correlation
technique (2-tailed) were obtained correlation coecient of
0.434 with a signicance level of 0.000 (p <0.01). The results
of hypothesis test showed that the research hypothesis is ac-
cepted, it means there is a signicant relationship between
family harmony with academic achievement in high school

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