resilience ON WIFE WHO polygamous

Nikmah Khumairoh


search on resilience has been much focus on issues that
are very dicult to understand by someone else actually
does the sense of resilience itself, resilience is the ability
to resume life after the unfortunate or after experiencing
severe pressure. Rarely do research on resilience focused
on the case of polygamy, especially regarding resilience
in a polygamous wife. This study aims to know in depth
how the image of resilience in a polygamous wife, know
the factors that lead to resilience in a polygamous wife.
This study uses a qualitative case study approach. data
collection techniques used were interviews on the subject
and signicant other as well as observations of the back-
ground and the subject's behavior in an interview. As for
the research subjects were women aged 35-40 years with
a status as a housewife and has experienced polygamy at
least 5 years. Conclusions from the study showed that not
all women who have resilience polygamous, for those who
are resilient, resilience make her stronger. Instead, people
are less able to perform well then the resilience of the
individual is not able to control emotions, unable to regain
self-control when experiencing tough times, especially when
subjected to disappointment.

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