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This research is aimed to see how big the in-

uence of aging on psychological well-being of the elderly.
Aging is a life cycle characterized by decreased range of or-
gan function, which is caused due to the disappearance of
the ability of cells and tissues to repair themselves, replace
and maintain normal functioning, so that a person vulner-
able to various diseases and ending with death. Psycholog-
ical well-being is a condition in which individuals feel safe,
peaceful, prosperous, happy, satised, and accept his situa-
tion, and be able to realize the potential in him. This study
uses quantitative methods and data collection techniques
used were two scales, the scale is composed of researchers
on aging changes in body systems due to the aging pro-
cess of Nugroho (2000) and psychological well-being scale is
composed of researchers based on the dimensions of psycho-
logical well-being of Ry (1989). As for the elderly subjects
were aged 60 years and over. Conclusions from the study
showed that aging can aect psychological well-being of the
elderly. Elderly people who feel wealthy will be able to ex-
pand its perception in the future, be able to establish itself
and be able to survive and make sense of the diculties ex-
perienced as a life experience. In contrast, for the elderly
who feel less wealthy would have the attitude is not satised
with yourself and with what happened in past lives and feel
the diculties experienced as a live load.

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