Dessy Rabiah Paradhita


is the ability and preparedness of the mature individual in
daily life through the day without any dependence on oth-
ers, and can stand on its own feet, and Able to develop
Themselves by Appearing as a personal totality steadily
both in terms of emotional, economic, intellectual, and so-
cial. Single child is very dierent from other children, Him-
self Because he was born in the family circle That only the
father and mother, a brother or sister without. Many peo-
ple say That the child is a child's favorite, the average was
berlebel as a spoiled child, and far from being independent.
But when the individual has Entered the early mature stage
where the time was the beginning of a new stage in the de-
velopmental stages of life. Individuals are required to enter
the stage of maturity with all the challenges of Achieving a
Diverse forms more than the Adolescent phase. Thus Spake,
this study AIMS to determine, how the independence of the
child Early Adulthood and independence of the factors That
shape these factors. Subjects in this study was a mature,
beginning with an age range of 20 to 40 years only child
status in the family. The method used in this study is,
semi-structured interviews and observations of non patisi-
pan, In Addition the Researchers also used systematic ob-
servation on the grounds, for the purpose of this study can
be Achieved with a discussion That does not come out of the
problem you want investigated.

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