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Performance or work performance is the
result of the quality and quantity of work achieved by
a clerk who carry out their duties in accordance with
the responsibilities given to him. Physical exhaustion,
which is also known as peripheral fatigue, the result of
repeated muscle action. This study aims to examine the
relationship between physical fatigue performance of civil
servants at the State Institute for Sandi. Subjects in this
study were permanent employees of the State agency in
charge of Sandi STSN, who daily took two trips from home
to oce (Lemsaneg) and continue by bus shuttle (oce
facilities) of at least 1.5 (one and a half ) to the location
of the workplace (STSN). Sampling technique using the
method of purposive sampling of 60 people who have the
appropriate criteria for the population. The scale used
to measure the performance of the author based on the
performance aspects of the Max and Bacal of 10 items
and scales for measuring physical fatigue that is based on
aspects of the physical exhaustion of the Industrial fatigue
research Committee (IFRC) Japan totaled 10 items. Total
score correlations using the Pearson product moment aitem
valid aitem-scale performance of moving between 0315
to 0636 and to move between the physical fatigue scale
between 0303 to 0855. Performance on a scale of reliability
testing using Cronbach Alpha technique obtained gures
for 0782 and 0890 for the physical fatigue scale. Test
the hypothesis by using parametric correlation Pearson
Bivariate one-tailed, yielding 0.445 points (? = 0.05), which
means there is no relationship between physical fatigue
on the performance of the civil service agency in charge
of Sandi State High School State Sandi, meaning high or
poor performance of the employee Sandi Institution who
served in the State High School State Passwords can not be
explained by the high or low physical fatigue.

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