The analysis of the Tension to the Spring of Honda Supra Fit Suzuki Smash And Yamaha Vega-R used Catia V5R14

Eko Setyono


The spring was the main component in shockabsorber in
the suspension system of the vehicle that had a function
of supporting the burden of the vehicle and passengers, as
well as to sti
e the vibration or the surprise that happened
resulting from the condition for the road that was passed
so as the driver felt comfortable. So was carried out by
the analysis of the comparison between three spring kinds
to the motorcycle that is Honda Supra Fit, Suzuki Smash
and Yamaha Vega-R because respectively this spring had
the structure, the dimension of the measurement and the
dierent characteristics. The concept of the analysis was
carried out by using software of CATIA V5R14. His aim
of knowing the level of comfort, the in
uence pitch and
the number of springs, the change in deformation that hap-
pened and and the tension of the maximum to each spring
with the Von Mises Stress method and the Tensor Tension.
Results of the simulation that was carried out it was known
that the spring of Honda Supra Fit more
exible or softer
lendutan him with the tension of Von Misses = 1.7 x 108
N/m2 and Tensor = 9.66 x 107 N/m2. The Suzuki Smash
spring could keep the dicult overload with the tension of
Von Misses = 8.53 x 107 N/m2 and Tensor = 5.03 x 107
N/m2. The spring of Yamaha Vega-R stier with the ten-
sion of Von Misses = 1.06 x 108 N/m2 and Tensor = 6.91
x 107 N/m2.

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